And It Would Always
Be The Same

Photobook, Photography Series

I photographed the series, And It Would Always Be The Same, in Richmond Hill and Toronto, Lake Shore, during several visits between January and March 2020. I explored the way photography as a tool can be used to showcase the value of everyday life. This series of photographs was created using the empathetic female gaze to capture my grandparents in their daily lives.

And It Would Always Be The Same, looks at the way lives of two retired couples can be captured beautifully without adding anything to their story, simply photographing what is there in a compelling way. I do not stage my subjects; instead I spends days with them and photograph them as they live.
Photographer, Designer, Producer
Indesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, DSLR

The photography project culminated in a book, with a story by Canadian writer Alice Munro. I carefully selected the story to compliment the photo series and add to the story being told within the photographs. The type treatment was deliberately considered to match the tone of the writing. Different paper stocks and colours were used to communicate an overall experience when engaging with the book. It was important that all the elements of the book work together to deliver a honest, thought-provoking experience.
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