A graphic designer and art director with a focus on storytelling through concept-driven solutions.

I mainly work on printed matter, identities and digital design for clients including consumer brands and non-profit organizations. I am particularly interested in the intersection of art, culture, fashion and commerce. Currently, my hobbies include tending to my herb garden, petting my foster cat, and learning Italian.

Having spent time in Germany, I was able to explore a different approach to design. There I learned about speculative design, and how the practise of design itself can be a catalyst for change.

Whenever my grandparents ask me about what what I do for a living, I still don’t know how to answer them. Design is ever evolving and that is what drives me to keep exploring and experimenting.

I trained as a competitive dancer for 14 years before switching gears and focusing my creative efforts on design and photography. I am inspired by movement and I do my best thinking on-the-go. Whenever I need to reset my brain, I do a handstand for a full minute.

Art & Mechanical
June 2021–Current

Freelance Designer
September 2020–Current

Box of 6ix
Social Media Content Creator
January–July 2021

Beehive Design
Design Intern
August 2020

Monnet Design
Design Intern
May–June 2020

York University & Sheridan College
Bachelor of Design

FBG Hochshule Darmstadt
Academic Exchange (Germany)
March–August 2019

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