Selected Logomarks

Brand Identity
A logo is the foundation of a brand. It is from that point that a person or a company can build a relationship with their audience. A strong logo is memorable, and sets a business a part from its competition.

These are a selection of logos I have developed for various clients.

Canoe Lake Woodworking

Company Identity
Canoe Lake Woodworking is a boutique woodworking agency specializing in custom designs. Founded by Amanda Thompson and Matt Roy, the partnership changed their name from Roy Thompson Custom Designs to Canoe Lake Woodworking. With the change of name, Thompson and Roy wanted to refresh the company's brand. Canoe Lake Woodworking is professional, authentic, and inventive.

Canoe Lake is located in Algonquin Provincial Park. Canadian painter Tom Thomson died on the lake in 1917. He famously painted Jack Pine trees which are iconic to the area. A Jack Pine is incorporated in the logo as a nod to the distinctive landscape.

Client—Canoe Lake Woodworking
Role—Graphic Designer
Tools—Illustrator, Photoshop
Typeface—Carter Sans


Food Not Bought

Not-For-Profit Company
Food Not Bought is a food drive program that aims to limit food waste, increase food bank supply, and alleviate food insecurity within local communities. Founded by Julia Pillitteri and Llewellyn Boggs in 2020, they believe that when people come together to help one another the world becomes a better place.

As a registered non-profit, Food Not Bought doesn't take itself too seriously. It was important that the brand be friendly, approachable and playful. Vibrant colours and rounded type grasp viewers interest and assist in increasing community engagement.

Client—Food Not Bought
Role—Graphic Designer
Tools—Illustrator, Photoshop
Typeface—ITC Souvenir


James Brainard

Personal Identity
James Brainard is a personal marketing coach for top corporate executives. His own brand is professional, sophisticated and trustworthy.

Agency—Monnet Design
Client—James Brainard
Role—Graphic Designer