The Feeling Gazette

The Feeling Gazette is an artbook aimed at reclaiming the body. It features three aspiring artists, Nicole Samulnik, Dorna Oladi and Samantha Hansel, whose work centres around bringing nudity back into the art sphere. Using the female gaze, they use the frame to share and evolve a sense of being in feeling, rather than looking at their subjects. It prioritizes emotions and the body over actions.

To generate the content I curated the images, participated in creating photography, and conducted interviews of the artists. I also designed the spreads, covers and printed and bound the book by hand.
Roles—Art Direction, Deesign, Photography
Tools—InDesig, Photoshop, Lightroom

Photography—Nicole Samulnik, Dorna Oladi, Samantha Hansel
Typefaces—Apoc(alypse), Helvetica